Exploring the Beauty of Dak Ruoi Falls in Kon Tum Province, Vietnam

Dak Ruoi Falls is one of the most beautiful natural attractions located in Kon Tum Province, in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. Nestled deep within lush forested mountains, the multi-tiered falls and scenic surroundings have become a popular weekend getaway spot for locals seeking relaxation and adventure.

Located about 11km from Dak Glei Town in Dak Glei District, Dak Ruoi Falls sits on Dak Trot Stream at an elevation of over 800 meters above sea level. Surrounding the falls is dense, virgin forest that effectively filters and regulates water flow from the high mountains, ensuring a steady supply of crystal clear water all year round. Due to the steep terrain and elevation changes, the crashing water cascades forcefully down several rock shelves in long, wispy flows, enhancing the picturesque quality of the landscape.


Some key things to know about visiting Dak Ruoi Falls:

Access and Amenities: The 11km dirt road to reach the falls from Dak Glei Town can be rough in stretches due to erosion, making a motorbike or 4x4 vehicle preferable over regular cars. There are no shops or facilities along the route, so be sure to bring your own food, water and supplies. While basic camp sites have been established near the falls, overnight stays are discouraged.

Seasonality: The dry season from November to April offers the best conditions, with lower water volumes and temperatures mild enough for swimming. Flash floods can occur during the rainy season, making access riskier. Mosquitoes are more prevalent July to September.

Activities: Popular activities include swimming in the crisp pools below the falls, relaxing on the large rocks, picnicking and camping (if prepared). Guides can be arranged through homestays in nearby Dak Poi Village to ensure safe trekking to viewpoints. Fishing and birdwatching are also options. Photography is incredible during the 'golden hour' light.

Conservation: The surrounding forest is fragile. Local authorities actively work to preserve the natural setting and manage waste. Visitors should leave only footprints to help maintain this scenic sanctuary.

Getting to Dak Ruoi Falls is an adventure in itself. From Dak Glei Town, a 30-minute motorbike ride winds through scenic mountain roads flanked by dense forest and small rivers. Stretches have eroded from rains, necessitating careful driving over numerous potholes and ruts. Occasional roadside huts offer resting spots to take in sweeping valley views.

One highlight along the route is a massive fig tree grove whose enormous trunks have intertwined over centuries into a strange yet stunning natural archway. Though remote, the falls stay busy on weekends as the main access road also serves local villages. Residents periodically clear debris from storms.

Upon reaching the falls, visitors are rewarded with breathtaking vistas. Towering trees frame the multiple watery shelves cascading over moss-covered boulders. Powerful currents carve clear pools below, perfect for swimming. Large flat rocks provide relaxation zones with views straight out of postcards.

Nearby Dak Poi Village has become a hub for visitors to arrange tours or book homestays. Local resident A Klay, 52, still fondly recalls discovering the falls in his youth and today leads trips to share its beauty. He notes the peak season from November to April when temperatures are comfortable yet water flow moderate after rains subside.


Conservation groups work closely with communities to establish basic campsites and maintain infrastructure while preserving the natural setting. Their shared goal is developing sustainable tourism that benefits locals economically while protecting the area's rich biodiversity. If properly managed, Dak Ruoi Falls has great potential to become a top ecotourism destination for both domestic and international nature enthusiasts.

For now, it retains a wild, remote charm accessible only to those willing to undertake the scenic yet rugged journey. Its multi-tiered cascades and surrounding verdant rainforest create a refuge for rest and reconnection with nature, well worth the effort for intrepid travelers seeking natural splendor off the beaten path in Kon Tum Province. With ongoing community-led conservation efforts, Dak Ruoi Falls is poised to capture visitors' imaginations for generations to come.


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