Top 5 Hanoi Barbershops Highly Recommended by Local People

Ha Noi Barbershops always welcomes customers looking for classic, masculine, but equally beautiful hairstyles when hair salons are full of trending hair models. Barbers have their working style and service to create unique experiences that no other hair salon can provide. We will suggest Top 5 famous barbershops in Hanoi below.

House of Barbaard

House of Barbaard is known as a 1920s-style barbershop in Hanoi - a mecca for gentlemen. Here, customers will experience the traditional barber art and take a break from the noisy life out there.

The barbershop is a space exclusively for gentlemen. Female companions can only sit in the waiting room and are not allowed to enter the barbershop. That is also the way for male customers to feel comfortable in the private space of men - the core value of the old Barber Shops.


Customers coming here means they want to find classic and elegant hairstyles based on the exceptional standards of the salon. Customers enjoy hairdressing and styling services and experience European culture such as smoking premium cigars, gathering, exchanging. Moreover, food and beverage are included in the service package. This unique Ha Noi barbershop promises to be a new gathering place for men.

Mane Man Barber House

Mane Man Barber House is one of the first professional Hanoi Barbershops for men following modern trends. Here, you can experience all the hair beauty services on request.

Mane Man Barber House is not famous. However, the shop contains highly skilled and experienced barbers and stylists. They always understand classic men's hairstyles, as well as constantly update the latest trends. Therefore, they are always ready to serve gentlemen and young people professionally, take care of customers with love and care.


There are some highlights of the service at Mane Man Barber House:

  • The waiting room & cutting room are separated, providing a comfortable space.
  • 20% off for service packages over 100.000 VND (5$).
  • Free all drinks for customers using chemical services.
  • Go for two people and get an extra 10% off the total bill.
  • Go in a group of four or more people and get an extra 20% off the total bill.

Liem Barbershop Hanoi

Talking about the top famous barbershops in Hanoi, there must be Liem Barber. With a variety of beauty services for elegant gentlemen, affordable prices, and a wide range of professional stylists, Liem Barber deserves an experience.

Here, you receive a careful haircut and are consulted enthusiastically on how to get the best hairstyle. All guarantee you will have a completely new look, more attractive and elegant, when you leave the salon.


Liem Barbershop in Hanoi is also a place to meet people and relax. Space is renovated and combined with the classic style to create the most fabulous barbershop. Decorative items and accessories are carefully selected to create an atmosphere with a nostalgic tone. The homies who love classic and elegant style can't miss this place even more.


  • No.494, Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi
  • No.21, Alley 3B, Dang Thai Than Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi
  • No.92, Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi, and more

Opening hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 10:30-19:00
  • Saturday: 9:00-19:00
  • Sunday: 9:00-16:00


Phong BvB Barbershop

Phong BvB was founded by the leading professional barber in Hanoi. He is also a pioneer in creating the MOHICAN hairstyle, a hot trend in 2018, Ziczac wave, a hot hit in 2019. The brand is top-rated in the barber industry.


100% of Phong BvB's workers are well trained. Space is designed to be unique and new, giving customers a truly different experience. Not only cutting hair, but Phong BvB also wants to create a style, a separate trend with Beautiful - Quality - Cool for young people. Don't miss this unique Ha Noi Barbershop!


  • No.1174, Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District- 0869936555
  • No.152B, Luong The Vinh Street, Thanh Xuan District - 0856439555
  • No.130, Thanh Nhan Street, Hai Ba Trung District - 0843951555, and more

Hotline: 0843952555


Ly The Barbershop

We must mention Ly The Barbershop as the top of Hanoi barbershops. They are famous for the American Fade style with sharp and angular cuts. Come here, and Ly The Barber will give you a completely different look.

Here men are taken care of their hair, cut and trimmed with skillful hands of experienced craftsmen. Enjoy the nostalgic space with soft music mixed with a bit of masculine fragrance.


The Fade Barber technique has long been evaluated as a highly skilled technique that many barbers must practice hard to create beautiful works. And in Hanoi, it is rare for any address to be trusted to surpass this shop. Trimmer lines create eye-catching effects, delicate and sharp cuts.


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