A Local's Guide to Sapa's Lively Bac Ha Sunday Market

Sapa is a town famous for many special markets, among which Bac Ha Market maybe the most popular one. Follow Galatourist to have a full preparation before discovering the place.

Bac Ha Market Sapa location

Bac Ha Market Sapa has long been one of the best Sapa attractions that tourists will not want to miss on a Sapa tour itinerary. The place is located in Bac Ha town, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. It is 65 kilometers far from the center of Lao Cai City.

The specialty of the attraction is that it only open on Sunday morning. Travelers should pay attention to Bac Ha market opening hours not as to miss the opportunity.


How to get there from Sapa to Bac Ha Market

Although it is always in the list of Sapa destinations, Bac Ha is quite far from Lao Cai city. If you take a bus, it takes about two hours and a half to reach the place. If you go by car or motorbike, you will follow this itinerary: From Sapa town, go through Coc Leu Bridge, then go along National Roadway No.70 for about 70 kilometers. When you reach Bac Ngam fork, turn left to Bac Ha District.

It takes about 4 hours to reach the final place. Especially, if you can visit it on Tet holiday, the atmosphere is much more exciting. The road is quite safe for your journey.


Bac Ha Market Sapa discovering

The place has recently been reconstruction with a firm background instead of the red soil before. However, it still keeps the original trading habits of mountainous ethnic minorities.

The conversation is all short but friendly. There is no invitation with insistence which can bother visitors. Therefore, they all feel comfortable during the Bac Ha market tour. Bac Ha market Sapa is open not only for trading but also for entertainment and making friends.

It is known as the biggest market in Northwest Vietnam, and tourists can find almost anything here. There are a lot of separated plots with different products such as food area, silk area, bird, horse area... There are also some popular items usually bought by tourists as the girls of the journey like fruit wines, jewelry, local silk products,...


Besides the silk product plot, the buffalo trading area is another interesting stop in Bac Ha Market Sapa Vietnam. Every Sunday morning, you can see all kinds of buffalo of all colors and sizes. Next to it is horse trading area which gathers the strongest and nicest ones for a bargain.

In addition, have a food tour around the place. The food is collected from many different ethnic minorities, bringing about the diversity in flavor and taste. The most famous one may be "Thang Co". Although it is sold sparely in Sapa but only in this market does it keep the traditional flavor. Then spend some time having some corn drink with friends and local people. Bac Ha Market Vietnam is usually closed at 2 PM. After that, tourists can turn back to Sapa or overnight in Bac Ha if the Sapa itinerary has finished.


With our introduction about Bac Ha Market Sapa, we do hope we will have more interest in visiting the place in your Sapa journey.


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