Vietnam Tourism Launches Campaign to Welcome Back International Visitors

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has launched a new promotional campaign called "Welcome Back to Vietnam" to attract more international travelers to the country as it reopens borders and relaxes COVID-19 restrictions.

After over two years of strict travel curbs that devastated the tourism sector, Vietnam began permitting the entry of fully vaccinated international tourists from mid-March 2022 without requiring COVID-19 tests or quarantine. Now, Vietnam aims to capitalize on this major reopening and revitalize its important tourism industry through a nationwide movement that encourages people around the world to rediscover Vietnam's beauty and hospitality.

"We want tourists both new and familiar with Vietnam to know that our doors are open again for business. It's time to Welcome Back international guests to experience everything incredible Vietnam has to offer once more," said Nguyen Trung Khanh, Director of VNAT.


The promotional campaign will highlight the diverse appeal and cultural richness of Vietnam's landscapes, heritage sites, cuisine, shopping, and outdoor adventures through vibrant marketing materials published on VNAT's various tourism portals and social media channels. A series of professional videos and photo campaigns will portray Vietnam as a safe, friendly, and exciting Southeast Asian destination.

The main message spread through this campaign is that Vietnam is a top post-pandemic vacation spot where travelers can find stunning natural scenery, world-class heritage sites, colorful festivals, delicious food, and the heartwarming hospitality of the Vietnamese people. International celebrities and influencers working with VNAT will also share their personal endorsement of Vietnam's reopening and share memories of past trips to inspire others to visit.

To kickstart the campaign, VNAT will launch the "Welcome Back to Vietnam" video which highlights many reasons to return by showcasing breathtaking drone footage of iconic destinations like Halong Bay, Hoi An Old Town, Sa Pa, Hanoi's Old Quarter, and more with a moving musical score. This video will be shared through partnerships with major international airlines, booking platforms, travel publications and news outlets from April through June 2022.

In parallel with the promotional push abroad, Vietnam will also boost domestic tourism. Special "Welcome Back" packages with price discounts of 10-30% will be offered at hotels, attractions, and tour operators across Vietnam to encourage locals to rediscover gems in their own country from April to August. VNAT aims to stimulate over 15 million domestic tourist trips during this period.

While the global tourism industry could take years to fully bounce back, Vietnam is optimistic about welcoming 5-7 million international visitors by late 2022 through this major campaign and other ongoing efforts to restore global confidence in Vietnam as a safe, trusted and world-class tourism destination once more despite the pandemic's challenges. With international flights resuming and countries easing travel curbs, Vietnam is ready to offer a warm welcome to visitors from around the world with its famed Vietnamese hospitality.

After enduring immense losses over the past two years, Vietnam's tourism sector is rallying and looks forward to guests sharing in the country's natural scenery, cultural experiences, and bright future once again. As the Welcome Back campaign declares – it’s time to reunite with the beauty and soul of Vietnam!


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