Royal Mausoleum of King Khải Định attracts tourists with its beauty and unique architecture

The magnificent Royal Mausoleum of King Khải Định located in Huế City, central Vietnam has been renowned as one of the most beautiful royal tombs in the country. The mausoleum enshrines the remains of King Khải Định, the 12th emperor of the Nguyễn Dynasty, famous for his lavish lifestyle and precious architectural works.

Built between 1920-1931 on Châu Chữ Mountain, 10km from Huế City, the expansive complex covers an area of over 28,000 square meters. It is constructed mainly from reinforced concrete, steel and tiles imported from Japan, China and even France. The integration of modern construction materials with traditional Vietnamese designs has created a stunning architecture that blends well into the surrounding natural scenery.


Visitors arriving at the entrance are impressed by the triple gate and long stairway of 127 steps leading up to the tomb. As they climb higher, imposing statues of officials, soldiers and horses come into view in the courtyard below the worship hall. Inside the worship hall are intricate carvings and meticulous mosaic patterns that embellish its structure. The most remarkable work of art is the grand ceiling painting of nine dragons entitled "Cửu Long Ẩn Vân", taking up an area of 126 square meters. Painted by court artist Nguyễn Văn Tánh in blending colors, the mural has endured nearly a century without fading or spiderwebs.



Deeper inside is the ornately decorated Heavenly Refuge Palace housing a gold-plated statue of King Khải Định sitting on his throne. The statue was crafted in France according to the king's commission. Rich colors, symmetrical architectural designs and sophisticated decorative details leave visitors in awe of the craftsmanship and lavishness during the Nguyễn Dynasty.


Together with other royal tombs and relics in Huế, the UNESCO-recognized Mausoleum of King Khải Định has become a major historical and cultural tourism attraction. It gives insight into the luxurious lifestyle as well as achievements in architecture, art and culture during the Nguyễn Dynasty in Vietnam. Tourists coming to Huế never forget this exemplary monument that display unique opulence through its elegant structures and fine artistry.


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