Ham Rong Mountain - The famous mountain peak resembling the head of a dragon in the misty city of Sapa

Ham Rong Mountain - with the natural rock formations stacked on top of each other to form the shape of a dragon's head, has become one of the most attractive ecotourism sites in Sapa for young people.

Introduction to Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

Location: Ham Rong Mountain is located right next to Sapa town, behind Sapa Stone Church, belonging to the Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

Entrance ticket price:

  • Adults: 70,000 VND/ticket
  • Children (under 1.2m tall): 20,000 VND/ticket
  • Children under 1m: Free
  • Opening hours: 7am – 6pm


Pass through the ticket gate, you will see stone steps leading up to Ham Rong Mountain. Remember to allocate enough time to be able to fully explore this magnificent mountain. It will take about 2 hours to tour around Ham Rong Mountain.

The Ham Rong Mountain ecotourism area is developed with 3 main areas: Ham Rong Flower Garden, Thach Lam Rock Garden, Ham Rong Summit. You will have the opportunity to admire the panoramic view of Sapa town from above, this place is also particularly favored by photographers as they can capture frames of Sapa town hidden amidst white clouds like a fairyland scene.

Easiest guide to get to Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

To get to Ham Rong Mountain, it will take you a few minutes walk to the ancient Stone Church, located near the center of Sapa town.

If you rent a motorbike for more mobility, you can park it at the tourism area gate. The parking area is managed by local women selling barbecue but you don't need to worry about being overcharged, the parking fee also depends on the time you visit.

In case you don't know the way and book a hotel far from Sapa town center, you can choose motorcycle taxis or regular taxis for transportation. The locals are very familiar with the roads and since it's such a famous tourist spot, no one doesn't know about Ham Rong Mountain. The journey is also short, so feel free to entrust your trip to the experienced drivers.


Discover Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

The area of the Ham Rong Mountain ecotourism area is up to 148 hectares, so welcome2vietnam.org guarantees you will have valuable check-in photos with the effort you put into visiting here. The mountain is 1,800m high with many small scenes, flourishing flower gardens that are beautiful to the eye. The combination of natural and man-made beauty blending together creates a charming natural space.

Construction began in 1997 to exploit the natural and cultural values ​​of the hills in a pristine way. The higher you go, the more beautiful the scenery, to reach the summit, you have to go through stone steps, approaching many unique small scenes. Join MIA.vn to admire the beautifully small scenes at Ham Rong Mountain one by one.

Central Flower Garden

The central flower garden at Ham Rong Mountain is the area with floral artworks skillfully arranged by talented artisans into the beautiful and refined word "Sapa" in a very European and exotic Western style. You can climb higher stone steps to get an overview of the breathtakingly colorful flower garden.

The flower varieties here have been imported from France, Russia... along with hundreds of cherry blossom trees experimentally planted in Vietnamese soil. Coming soon will be a new European flower breeding area. You are free to buy flower seedlings to bring home and admire every day.


Thach Lam Rock Garden

The Thach Lam Rock Garden is like leading you into a fairyland scene with stone slabs reminiscent of dragon claws and scales, looking very peculiar and interesting.

This area has many enormous rocky walls, natural creations, so you may marvel at the wild beauty bestowed by nature. The Thach Lam Rock Garden is the most popular check-in location in Ham Rong Mountain with its charming winding small paths and rock labyrinth that seems to have no way out... Can you feel the enchantment of nature and vegetation here yet?


The 12 Zodiac Animal Garden

The 12 Zodiac Animal Garden is planted with interspersed pennywort, silky lasiandra flowers... The garden has a solid concrete bridge crossing over a goat statue. Images of the 12 zodiac animals are arranged in different positions along both sides of the path, so you can easily and comfortably take photos and check-in here.


Ham Rong Mountain Sapa - The mountain peak in the shape of a dragon's head, famous in the misty city of Sapa.

Cherry Blossom Garden - Ham Rong Mountain Sapa

The Japanese cherry blossom garden at Ham Rong Mountain will bloom extremely beautifully during the new year days. In addition, there are also pale cherry and dark cherry varieties belonging to the group of ancient cherry trees with very wide canopies, large beautiful flowers, and thick petals typical of cherry blossoms.

Every spring, families and relatives often visit the cherry blossom garden at Ham Rong Mountain to play and enjoy the flowers, so the atmosphere is always lively and full of laughter.


Orchid Garden

The entire orchid garden has a total of 200 different orchid varieties, also because the year-round cool climate at 15-18 degrees C is very conducive for their growth. Orchids are rare and precious flowers due to their elegant and graceful beauty, but caring for them can be quite difficult.

You don't need to go looking for any orchid gardens in Sapa because Ham Rong Mountain is one of the places with the highest concentration of orchid varieties. If you have fallen for these flowers, you definitely have to visit the orchid garden at Ham Rong Mountain at least once in your life.


Cloud Terrace, Gate to Heaven

Also known as the Heavenly Court Terrace, the Cloud Terrace is the best scenic viewpoint at Ham Rong Mountain. Have you ever experienced the feeling of wispy clouds swirling beneath your feet, floating on clouds? From the Cloud Terrace you can encompass the entire town of Sapa, the Mường Hoa valley, Cát Cát village and the beautiful terraced rice fields that look so poetic.

Following the rock wall for another 10 minutes of walking leads to the splendid Gate to Heaven when golden sun rays illuminate through the cloud layers. This memorable moment will become an unforgettable memory of Ham Rong Mountain for you.

Many renowned photographers from amateur to professional have not minded the distance, coming here to hunt clouds through their amazing lenses. It would be even better if you can wait until dusk, when the gorgeous orange glow of sunset perfects everything.


Sapa Telecom Station

Located 2,000m above sea level, the Sapa Telecom Station is the second best scenic spot at Ham Rong Mountain. From here you can observe the highest peak in Indochina – Mount Fansipan.


Tips for exploring Ham Rong Mountain Sapa

  • Choosing the most beautiful time of the year to visit the cherry blossom garden at Ham Rong Mountain is a very good decision when planning your spring trip with family, friends or colleagues.

  • Ham Rong Mountain is also home to many varieties of cold-climate flowers from temperate zones such as rhododendrons, primroses and countless other exotic flowers. So visit Ham Rong Mountain in March and April - the peak blooming season in Sapa, when there is less fog so you can admire more beautiful scenery.

  • You can also take the opportunity from April to June to visit Ham Rong Mountain to capture the scenes of terraced rice fields during the rainy season, looking like sheets of silver with magical reflections.


According to the experience of many travel enthusiasts, you should avoid July and August when the roads are likely to be very slippery due to heavy rain. Ham Rong Mountain is a fairyland worth experiencing at least once in life, regardless of your age. So don't hesitate to visit Ham Rong Mountain to feel what it's like to get lost in such a magical place! welcome2vietnam.org wishes you and your family a meaningful and unforgettable trip to Sapa.

Ham Rong Mountain offers beautiful scenery and opportunities to admire flowering plants that captivate many visitors to Sapa. Going forward, two other popular tourism destinations in Sapa that many readers may choose to visit next are MOANA Sapa and Mount Fansipan.

  • MOANA Sapa lies near the centre of Sapa town, providing luxurious accommodations with panoramic views of the surrounding rice fields and valleys. It is a great option for those seeking relaxation and comfort during their trip.
  • Mount Fansipan, as the highest peak in Indochina, attracts Mountaineers and nature lovers to conquer its summit. The 3,143-meter high mountain presents an epic challenge but rewards climbers with breathtaking vistas across the landscape from its top. As both have their own unique appeal, MOANA Sapa and Mount Fansipan are excellent follow-up itineraries for those visiting the captivating Ham Rong Mountain area.

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