Hội An Overtakes Maldives as a Leading Honeymoon Destination for 2024

The beautiful central Vietnam town of Hội An has risen to the top of many traveler's lists as one of the most romantic destinations for newlyweds in 2024, surpassing long-time favorite Maldives according to a new study.

Couples planning their honeymoons are increasingly looking for new, unique places that offer stunning scenery, cultural experiences, and opportunities for adventure alongside relaxation. Hội An appears to satisfy all those criteria and more, catapulting it ahead of ultra-luxurious Maldives in certain market segments. 

The findings are based on an extensive analysis of online search and booking trends conducted by leading global travel data company Sitecore. They found that searches for "Hội An honeymoon" increased by over 120% in 2023 compared to the previous year, while interest in Maldives grew by only 8%. Meanwhile, bookings in Hội An for couples packages and wedding trips rose by an impressive 175%.

Among millennials and Gen Z travelers in particular, Hội An emerged as the new honeymoon front-runner over traditional favorites like Bali, Mauritius, and Seychelles according to Sitecore. Its unique blend of history, charm, activities, and affordability appears to be fueling its growth.

"Hội An has really captured people's imaginations as an off-the-beaten-path honeymoon spot full of romance and cultural discovery. It offers so much history and beauty at a very reasonable price compared to many other Southeast Asian destinations," commented Melanie Petroiu, Sitecore's Travel Industry Head.

"Younger travelers in particular value experiences over excess and see Hội An as a more meaningful, educational choice for their honeymoon that also allows them to immerse themselves in local life. It seems to be hitting the sweet spot for many couples right now."

What Makes Hội An so Appealing for Honeymoons?

Hội An's Old Town is consistently ranked among Asia's most picturesque districts. Its well-preserved Vietnamese and Japanese architecture, historic temples, and quaint stores housed in ornate wooden storefronts provide the ideal backdrop for newlywed photos and wandering hand-in-hand.

Couples are also drawn to Hội An's rich cultural heritage. It was an influential international port dating back to the 15th century, resulting in a unique blend of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese influences visible everywhere. A chance to experience that history as a couple makes the destination feel even more special.

Outdoor activities from hiking, biking, and boating to relaxing at the nearby pristine beach or river banks provide contrasts to simply admiring the beautiful scenery. Cooking classes, tea ceremonies, and other cultural experiences offer more ways for partners to bond over local traditions.

Delicious Vietnamese and Asian fusion cuisine is another attraction of Hội An, ranging from affordable street eats to romantic fine dining. Fresh seafood straight off local fishing boats is a top honeymoon favorite. The town's more relaxed and social atmosphere compared to big cities was also highlighted as an appealing aspect for newlyweds.

Luxury Accommodation Without Breaking the Bank

While having five-star level service and amenities, Hội An manages to keep costs impressively low for couples compared to similar quality places elsewhere in Asia. This affordable luxury is a large part of its honeymoon appeal.

Boutique riverview and heritage homestay hotels average around $100–200 per night for couples seeking charming character. Upscale options with private pools and spas start from $200 upwards. Fine dining rarely costs more than $30–50 per person including drinks.

This means honeymooners can indulge in weeks of relaxation, activities, sightseeing, and excellent restaurants without having to drastically blow their travel budget. Maldives by contrast can average $500-1200 per night for the cheapest water villas during peak periods.

Sustainable tourism is also a big focus in Hội An, ensuring its natural beauty and historical sites are protected for future generations. With less than 20,000 residents, the town maintains a delightful small-scale charm while still offering international amenities.

Rising popularity could present challenges in maintaining that balance. But for now, Hội An checks all the boxes as a memorable and remarkably good value honeymoon spot for those seeking an offbeat Southeast Asian experience to start married life. Its explosive growth over recent years suggests it will rise further as a top romantic destination in 2024 and beyond.

According to the experts, while long-reigning Maldives isn't losing its appeal altogether, Hội An's unique blend of history, activities, and affordability have placed it firmly in pole position for newlyweds looking for an unforgettable start to wedded bliss away from the usual crowded favorites. Its new title as a leading honeymoon hotspot looks set to rise higher still in the year ahead.


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